Meet Our Director - Shelly Flood

director shelly flood

As a mother and with over 26 years experience working with children in child care and in the millitary, I believe young children are active learners and that they are constantly trying to learn about the world around them. I received my B.S. in Early Childhood Education and have had many years of training and courses through multiple child care organizations.

When I started my childcare journey, I was a camp counselor for a summer program and so enjoyed being active in the lives of children that I made it my life’s passion and career. I believe quality early childhood education is critical and at Rosewood Academy we strive to help children develop a love of lifelong learning. We create a learning environment in which children feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings and an environment which promotes literacy, curiosity, and motivates learning. Our children learn by using concrete materials and through hands-on activities in an integrated curriculum as well as through engaging interaction with teachers and peers.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share the delicate and wonderful preschool years of growth with your children.