Teacher Spotlight

Miss Sharon Carrollton

A cool fact about me is that I can spell almost anything. Medical terms are the only words that I might have a hard time with. I got into childhood education because I love kids. The children in my class hold a very special place in my heart. Nothing makes my day as fulfilling as when one of my kids comes in and hugs me.

I love watching children discover the world around them and to see their faces when they have an “ah-ha” moment. Being patient, repetitive and consistent improves their comprehension. When it all comes together for them, no matter their age, it makes being a teacher worthwhile. I know my teaching strategies are effective when I see that each individual child is on the right track. A school is not only a place where children learn scholastically but socially, as well. That is where interactions between the staff (teachers), students and even the parents drive the process and help them succeed.