Rosewood Shares 4 Ways That Preschools Promote Positive Social Development

Rosewood Academy is a beacon in early childhood education. With three locations in Texas—Carrollton, Frisco and Dallas—this preschool offers comprehensive childcare services for children who aren’t yet old enough to begin kindergarten. If you’re looking for an upstanding preschool in your community, schedule a visit at Rosewood Academy today.

How can I socialize my child? Rosewood Academy is here to help. Based on current studies in early childhood education, check out the following ways in which child care services promote proper social development in children, brought to you by Rosewood Academy:

  • Gain Social Skills: When your child attends Rosewood Academy, they learn the necessary social skills to thrive in school, make long-lasting friendships and transition from maternal care to the non-domestic environment.
  • Prepare For Kindergarten: In order for children to properly adjust to elementary school, parents can get a head start on socializing their kids by enrolling them in a high-quality daycare center like Rosewood Academy.
  • Decrease Problem Behaviors: Studies have shown that children that don’t get an opportunity to socialize before elementary school can possess fewer social skills, poorer work habits, and conflictive attitudes.
  • Eliminate Attachment Insecurity: If you think you’re doing your child a favor by giving them all of your love and attention, think again. When you enroll your child in Rosewood Academy, you’re giving them the tools that they need to succeed as an individual by placing them outside of their comfort zone.

To learn more about the early childhood education programs at Rosewood Academy , visit them online , or call their office today at (469) 522-3739 (Dallas), (469) 605-2437 (Frisco) or (972) 810-6597 (Carrollton).

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