• Incoporating Technology In The Classroom

    In the educational sphere as well as in daily life, children are now being exposed to technology-based learning at a younger age. The primary focus at Rosewood continues to be an emphasis on personal interaction, hands-on learning through manipulative material, the development of coordination and gross and fine motor skills through art, music and physical activity and a sense of the world around them through story-telling and exploration.

    Can technology play a role in all of this? We think it can, but as an enrichment, rather than primary learning tool. At a tender age, we, as educational professionals, have a responsibility to keep exposure to technology within clearly-defined limits. As mentioned in a recent scholastic journal “Children need real-life experiences with real people to truly benefit from available technologies. Technology should be used to enhance the world around them.” (Perry, MD., Ph.D.).

    Using technology at Rosewood

    When a child reaches the age of 1 and 2 they will begin to understand the concept of object permanence and cause and effect. This is a great time to teach them the cause and effect between a keyboard and mouse. “A computer keyboard and mouse can provide practice in finger and hand-eye coordination..the development of fine motor skills plays a crucial role in school readiness and cognitive development” (Encyclopedia of Children’s Health. N.P., N.D.).

    As young children gain number and letter recognition skills (pre-reading skills), spatial concepts (over and under) and memory skills, we use computer-based games to gently reinforce those concepts in a fun and engaging way. By the time a child is 3 or 4 they will be ready for software with puzzles to solve and storylines to follow, further helping to develop cognitive skills.

    Free play and creative exploration

    It is vital for young children to have the opportunity to play freely, create and explore, so if technology is introduced, we make sure to balance the open play software with the structured learning software (right or wrong answers). However, “Even experts who are skeptical about younger children’s growing media use recognize its value (Parents.com). Technology can connect children to the real world outside their classrooms because it can show them how today’s people research, communicate, and solve problems in real time, paving the way for a child to enter the new frontiers of technology and science with a greater understanding of the world around them.”


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  • Love & Compassion on Valentines Day AND beyond

    valentines day blog

    Since it is almost Valentine’s Day we thought it would be great to share a blog about compassion and loving one another. These are some of the most important lessons children learn. Valentines celebrations are a perfect time to teach your little ones to learn how to be compassionate, thoughtful and kind to others. A great way to highlight this is through story telling. Valentine’s Day provides a fabulous opportunity to share stories of compassion, friendship and even helping those in need. Through your personal stories or through children’s books, there are plenty of fun ways to reiterate valuable childhood lessons.

    Preschoolers are still so young that they are just beginning to see how their individual actions can potentially affect others or impact their lives. We know they are beginning to experience this phenomenon because we have witnessed it when we see our little ones show compassion for their friends or family members in our daily lives. We encourage and steer our children towards compassion through a respectful attitude, generosity and good old-fashioned hugs and kisses.

    To further develop this trait of love and compassion, why not participate in a quick Valentine project? The task is to have your child choose a teacher, family member or even a friend they care about. Then help your child create something special for them; a small gift, just to show that they care. There are plenty of ideas for home-made creations that will say, “I care and love you.” For great ideas and for Valentine book recommendations, please check out our Rosewood Academy Pinterest holiday board!


    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • At Rosewood Academy, Montessori Elements Complement a Traditional Curriculum

    When it comes to your child’s education, everything matters—including valuing each child’s individuality. The teachers and staff at Rosewood Academy are dedicated to expanding your child’s unique mind. With locations in Dallas, Frisco, and Carrollton, TX, Rosewood Academy believes in enhancing a traditional curriculum with elements of Montessori philosophy. Why? Because the Montessori philosophy emphasizes a child’s independence, individuality, and freedom (within limits).


    When it comes to early childhood education, a traditional curriculum can benefit greatly when these Montessori elements are incorporated. For example, a traditional preschool curriculum focuses on language, speech, math, social studies, art, and science—but did you know that dramatic play allows your child to become a free thinker in all of these areas? Learning facts is extremely important, but learning to think for oneself is a much harder skill to learn. By adding creative, sensory-based activities to your child’s day, they will learn to become more of who they are.

    When your child learns to make confident decisions—to listen to their own voice—your child will receive an even better education. More times than not, people become intelligent not only because of what they know but because of how they think. Montessori philosophy emphasizes cultivating each child’s unique thought process through creative, challenging, and dynamic activities.

    At Rosewood Academy, your child will receive a phenomenal education. By infusing a traditional curriculum with Montessori elements, your child will learn important facts about science, math, the arts, language, and more, all while discovering how their own creative mind works.

    To learn more about how your child can grow with Rosewood Academy , visit them online or on Facebook . For the Dallas location, call (469) 522-3739 ; for Frisco , call (469) 287-8076 , and for Carrollton , call (972) 810-6597 today.

  • Rosewood Academy Shares 3 Ways Holiday Celebrations & Early Childhood Education Connect

    Rosewood Academy is the premier preschool in Carrollton, Dallas, and Frisco, TX. Offering early childhood education opportunities for children ages six weeks to five years, these experienced instructors have the resources and the skills to prepare your kids for elementary school and beyond. If you’re looking for quality childcare in the local community, contact Rosewood Academy to give your kid the jumpstart that they need at such an early age.


    Should I celebrate the holidays with my children? To discover how participating in holiday events is important for your child’s growth, check out the following benefits, brought to you by the early childhood education experts at Rosewood Academy:

    • Traditions & Values: When you celebrate the holidays with your kids, they learn about important traditions and values shared by people in their community. Additionally, learning about these holidays provides children with a great opportunity to learn about the rich cultural history behind each and every occasion.
    • Family & Friends: Regardless of what holiday it is, there is usually one common thread that makes all celebrations inherently similar, which is their social element. Show your children how to celebrate the holidays and watch as they strengthen bonds with family members and build long-lasting friendships with their peers.
    • Multicultural Education: While all people don’t celebrate the same holidays, each and every occasion provides an opportunity to explain to your kids the differences between people of different nationalities, religions, and races. Some people use this as a time to experience other culture’s traditions while others prefer to learn more about these from an “outsider’s” perspective.

    No matter what holidays your family celebrates, everyone is more than welcome at Rosewood Academy . To learn more about their preschool program and specifics about early childhood education for your child, contact these experienced teachers at (469) 522-3739 (Dallas) , (469) 287-8076 (Frisco) , or (972) 512-9880 ( Carrollton). You can also visit their website for more details.

  • 3 Tips for Promoting Healthy Physical Development, From the Child Care Experts at Rosewood Academy

    Your little ones are boundless wells of energy—playing, exploring, jumping, dancing, tumbling, and getting back up. Because early childhood is a crucial period of physical development, it’s important to encourage your kids to engage these energetic impulses and find active outlets to help them keep moving and developing their fine and gross motor skills. At the Rosewood Academy daycare center and preschool in Texas, fun physical activity is a major part of everyday early childhood education.

    Read on to learn three ways to encourage healthy physical development at home, from the child care professionals at Rosewood Academy:

    • Make Time For Exercise: Be sure that movement and physical activity play a regular role in your family routine. Taking a family walk, building forts, and staging relay races are all fun ways to get the whole family moving.
    • Get Loud: Quiet time is an important part of childhood—and a sanity-saver for parents—but noise is a healthy part of play, and kids need the freedom to indulge in occasional noisy, vigorous playtime to burn off energy.
    • Limit Screen Time: Kids today are surrounded by screens of all sizes, from TVs to tablets. Unfortunately, the sedentary lifestyle associated with these various devices has overtaken the vibrant lifestyle kids need. Placing limits on screen time will have a positive effect on children, encouraging them to get up and seek other more active pastimes.

    Rosewood Academy is proud to serve the Dallas area with top-quality preschool curriculum blending Montessori and traditional early childhood education styles. To learn more, call the preschool daycare center at (972) 512-9880 (Carrollton), (469) 522-3739 (Dallas) or (469) 287-8076 (Frisco), or visit their website .

  • Rosewood Academy, a Top-Notch Curriculum-Based Education and Childcare Center in Frisco Texas, Houses NEW Computer Science and Robotics Institute for Grades 1 Through 12

    Rosewood Academy offers a comprehensive, accredited curriculum with Montessori elements and a great physical education program, for children 6 weeks to pre-k. Rosewood’s afterschool program for elementary age children, currently picks up from six area preschools. With the addition of the new high-tech school, iCode afterschoolers or older siblings of Rosewood Academy students, have a great option to extend learning.

    With so many major real estate developments taking place in the Plano/Frisco area, we are here to support employees who are both seeking regular child care and afterschool programs. Since we are located within 3-5 miles of most of these companies, our academy is in a perfectly convenient location to best serve your family.

    At Rosewood Academy, we share our neighborhood with major corporations such as Alcatel-Lucent, Bank of America, Capital One Finance, Cinemark USA, Inc.Dell Services, Dr. Pepper, Ericsson, Frito-Lay, J.C. Penney Company, Inc., PepsiCo and RAC Rent. A. Center

    Along with all of these major companies, Toyota and FedEx are also planning to make a move to the Plano/Frisco area in the near future! With all of these big businesses come plenty of parents in need of high quality care. We are here to serve all residents in the area, with a curriculum that emphasizes intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth, all of which is designed to help pave the way for a lifetime love of learning. On top of our regular educational programs, we are also updating our afterschool program to offer students the most unique and engaging activities possible. By partnering with iCode , we’ve taken afterschool enrichment to a whole new level.

    Whether your child is interested in taking a coding class, learning more about robotics, or finding out what computer science is all about, we offer courses to students in grades 1-12 who are looking to develop skills for the future, in a safe and encouraging environment. Our teachers put innovation, collaboration, and creation first when it comes to structuring our classes, and we offer all of these activities in one convenient location from 3:30-6:30 Monday through Friday. We currently offer safe and reliable transportation from the following elementary schools:




    Shawney Trail



    If you would like to learn more about the child care programs offered at Rosewood Academy, are interested in our afterschool program, or would like to find out more about both, we are here to help. Simply fill out this contact form and one of our friendly staff members will reach out to you shortly.

  • Top Six Ways Physical Education is Beneficial for Preschoolers

    At Rosewood Academy, we truly believe that mental health and physical wellness are not mutually exclusive. By introducing physical education to children at a young age, they can become accustomed to it in a safe and welcoming environment, which will help establish a lifelong love of fitness for years to come. Our P.E. coach, Anthony Bonner, makes sure to incorporate the students’ curriculum into the activities he comes up with, linking classroom themes with gym lessons in a fun and fresh way. After witnessing firsthand how much our students benefit from these weekly gym classes, we’ve come up with our own list of the top benefits of physical education for preschoolers. Read on to learn more!

    1 – Energy Burning – Oftentimes, kids can become hyper when they have all this pent up energy inside them and nowhere to put it. A gym class is the ultimate outlet for students to run around and play, while burning off some steam at the same time.

    2 – Socialization – Another excellent benefit of physical education is the opportunity it provides for kids to learn how to communicate with one another, work together on a team, and just let loose together in a more laidback environment.

    3 – Hobbies – Since our gym class is structured around the theme of the classroom, the activities are constantly changing. Exposing kids to different types of fitness activities makes it possible for students to decide what they prefer, what they dislike, and what they want to pursue in the years to come.

    4 – Endorphins – Studies have shown that working out is directly linked with an increase in endorphin production. When kids take part in a gym class or any type of physical activity, they will walk away feeling more content and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

    5 – Improved Sleep – Physical fitness has been proven to help tremendously when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. Gym class participants will get to enjoy the added benefits of their play time, even several hours afterwards.

    6 – Fight Obesity – One of the easiest ways to stave off obesity is by teaching children at a young age about the value of fitness and wellness. Our physical education curriculum allows kids to get some exercise in under the guise of a fun, playtime activity.

    If you would like to learn more about the benefits of physical education for preschoolers we would love to hear from you. Simply fill out this contact form and one of our friendly staff members will reach out to answer all your questions and let you know more about Rosewood’s own physical education program as well. We look forward to hearing from you!