Our Curriculum

Achieving excellence in learning by valuing each child

Key areas of Curriculum


  • Personal and social development
  • Language and literacy
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Scientific thought
  • Social Studies
  • Creative expression
  • Physical development

At Rosewood Academy, we believe in nurturing the unique capabilities of each child. By offering children an environment designed to stimulate growth in critical areas of early childhood development; intellectual, physical, social and emotional, we pave the way forward for a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum incorporates a commitment to stimulate different styles of learning. We firmly believe in the combination of a structured environment that includes center-based learning with individual learning and play. As such, our classrooms are equipped with traditional and Montessori materials and daily activities are varied, with academics and the arts.

We greatly value each child’s creativity and individuality. Activities such as music and art are an integral part of daily activities. These essential activities stimulate the imagination, encourage creativity and help a child explore their own potential.

Rosewood Academy offers high-quality, affordable preschool education and childcare in Dallas, Frisco and Carrollton, TX. Contact us today to learn more.

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