Pre-K Program


Paving the way for success in Kindergarten and beyond

pre-kThe focus this year for your child is kindergarten readiness. All aspects of your child’s development continue to shape daily activities, from structured learning in academics and the arts to activities that help build confidence, self-esteem, social and physical skills. Our curriculum continues to focus on developing exceptional math and language skills through theme-related and Montessori materials. Children gain a greater understanding of sequencing and logical problem-solving, providing a strong foundation for advanced math skills. Our excellent language and literacy program promotes a strong understanding of phonics, sentence structure and a heightened vocabulary. Continued development of computer skills enhances the educational and technological experience your child gains.

We continue to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity about the world through varying elements of science and social studies through theme-related elements. An appreciation of the arts, music and Spanish enhances the whole experience at Rosewood Academy in Carrollton, TX, and instills a love for learning as your child becomes ready to enter kindergarten. With ample time given to indoor and outdoor playtime, circle time and free play time your child will have also developed excellent skills in social interaction and physical skills and be ready to enter elementary school with poise and confidence. Our Pre-Kindergarten (pre-k) program in Frisco, Carrollton and Dallas TX prepares your child.

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