Preschool Program


Essential knowledge and skills; a foundation to future success

preschoolYour preschooler is now ever-curious about the world. Our well-rounded curriculum is supported by learning centers for language, math, science, social studies and dramatic play. We also focus on the arts including music, art, Spanish and sign language. This allows curiosity to thrive and your child to develop essential knowledge and skills. Be assured that we provide the tools and environment while giving your child the freedom to progress at his or her own pace.

Our methodologies foster increasing independence, free-thinking, decision-making and self-confidence. Our teaching incorporates traditional and Montessori styles, providing an excellent element of structure as well as creativity and independence to your child’s day. This combined with sensory and math-related Montessori materials enables us to further enhance your child’s educational experience.

  • Computers
  • Theme-related material
  • Montessori material
  • Developmentally appropriate practices

Our preschools in Frisco, Carrollton and Dallas TX prepare your child for public and private school. We incorporate traditional and Montessori teachings for our preschool age children, providing more than just child care.

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