Toddler Program

12 to 24 Months

Critical early learning skills develop in atmosphere where independence is encouraged and curiosity satisfied

toddlersThe natural curiosity of toddlers lends itself to an environment at Rosewood where creativity and self expression form the basis of the classroom experience. Toddlers demonstrates increasing competence in gross motor skills (running, jumping, hopping, throwing, kicking, and catching) as well as increasing control of drawing, writing, and art tools. The toddler period is a time of heightened curiosity as awareness of self and others increases. From a greater awareness of basic patterns and ability to identify basic colors to increasing attempts to perform self care skills independently, the toddler classroom is a great experience at Rosewood Academy.

  • American Sign Language program
  • Toddler Curriculum-based activities
  • Small group activities
  • Pre-literacy skills
  • Sensory Play
  • Montessori material
  • Fine and gross motor skill development
  • Self-expression through art
  • Music experiences

Our education-based child care in Frisco, Carrollton and Dallas TX prepares toddlers for preschool, teaching traditional and Montessori methods. Our preschool offers more than child care. If you are looking for a preschool in Frisco, Carrollton or Dallas call or visit us today.

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