Teacher Spotlight

Coach Bonner

I got into childhood education because I am from a big family who are mostly educators and they all have enjoyed their profession. I think being an educator is fulfilling and fun. Most parents are surprised to know that I have 9 screws and two plates in my ankle – and I’m a fitness coach! I love Rosewood because there are three unique campuses around DFW so I get to interact with many different people. I consider the roll of parents in the preschool to be the support system, classroom support, program support and to give positive support of educational activities and behavioral adjustment. I consider my strengths as a preschool teacher to be my ability to realize situations occur, my ability to recognize that they’re temporary and solutions are always possible. I believe understanding the greater outcome of positive education amplifies creative energy. My favorite thing about being a teacher is when I witness students understanding the premise of the learning objective and I love teaching the kids while using the experimental learning cycle: Experience, Reflection, Processing and Application. Lastly, the things that my students like to know about me are that my favorite color is green and that I love to swim and dive!

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